Vincent Verburg (Netherlands) and Dayna Martinez Morales (Bolivia / Germany) have created the contemporary Dance Theatre performance REALIDADES as guest choreographers for The Oficial Ballet of Bolivia, performed by ten authentic Bolivian dancers. REALIDADES is a very energetic and intense contemporary dance performance that reflects Bolivian reality in a truthful manner with a blend of non-western rhythms and contemporary dance. A result of the international longterm exchange and research “Proyecto Movimiento Auténtico 2013”, funded by the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts.

In REALIDADES contemporary choreography, text, live and electronic music come together in a performance inspired by the rich Bolivian culture, where the authenticity of the indigenous dance still is very recognisable. Bolivia has a diverse population where culture finds its origin in rituals, intuition, femininity, community and connection with the earth. Currently a revaluation of its culture is taking place. This is a confrontation that raises questions especially for new generations. They are seeking a new identity realizing that they live in a world where these ancient values hardly resonate.

The choreographers were seeking how this contradiction physically manifests itself in the Bolivian body. This creates a dynamic movement language in which the duality of today’s young Bolivian generation is represented by ten dancers. A mix of urban and traditional movement languages and music. You hear industrial sounds, soft sounds and occasionally the famous voice of Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio.

Photographs by Javier Ishino.

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Choreography: Verburg & Martinez in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Ramiro Alcon Fabio (dance/ teacher Bolivian Traditional Dance, Tunupa), Manuel Apaza Cari (independent performer/ dancer/ actor), Isabel Dominguez Aillon (independent contemporary dancer), Javier Escobar (Director of Traditional Dance Company of the University of La Paz and Vidart, dancer rand teacher of “EL Ballet Oficial de Bolivia”), Maria Elena Filomeno (contemporary dancer/ teacher and choreographer of Vidanza, Paulette Machicado (dancer of Vidanza and “EL Ballet Oficial de Bolivia”), Maque Pereyra (independent contemporary dancer/ teacher and creator), Yumi Tapia Higa (contemporary dancer/ teacher/ choreographer and co-director of Katak), Erick Uriarte Ibañes (teacher and dancer “EL Ballet Oficial de Bolivia”), Oscar Javier Reynoso Zelada (independent contemporary dancer/ teacher and choreographer)

Sound Edit / Musician: Pablo Alanes

Costume: Raza de Bronce

Length: +/- 70 minutes

Production: Movementalist

Co-Production: El Ballet Oficial de Bolivia/ director Maria José Rivera

Production manager Bolivia: Gabriela Claros

Production manager The Netherlands: Movementalist

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