Thankful to be here!


Vincent: In short, it goes well – hell yeah, we are doing what we wanted to do and what we came for! There will be stones a long the way but as long as we can move we are happy even if we have to climb up mountains! We are getting used to it by walking through the streets of La Paz ;0). Was it the right choice to come here? Sure in every way! It confronts me with my western way of thinking and dealing with it. It shows me that there is a lot possible in this country. Everything is possible but nothing is sure! Here it is necessary that you can respond in the moment and act as in an improvisation. It seems that the Bolivians are doing that, their total lifetime! Beside that they are engaged in what is going on in the politics quite direct by blocking the streets if they do not agree with something. Fiery, but yet cordial sincere! What a wonderful country a bit chaotic, human rebellious! And great that people here do not really trust the banks and would rather not pay too much tax to the government. Shows me that in the Netherlands we have fixed everything so much that we nearly have no possibilities left to be without having to comply to something! We blindly trust in our banking system rather than we trust the other. We do not know what the big companies do with our money, but continue to feed them so that we feel in “security”. We wonder what kind of a security is that, only based on money…?

Anyway back to the subject How was it here? Yeah well sometimes great and sometimes not, not quite knowing the language to express yourself is quite difficult. And the food! It really took a while to find its place in my body in a way. And yes, I also learn a lot also in our field. Bolivians are originally more “humble” and want everything equally well, they need structure – and in particular the traditional dancer is focused on the “perfect picture” – a holdover from the colonisation a shame, because their rhythms and dances are very diverse and have different meaningsAnd yes, here I’ll come along with asking them to explore themselves, no structure except what you get when you enter into the experiment and for this you have to come out of your shell This is very good for my own research, to support the development of how my method works and how I can translate this to any culture and man!

Dayna: I want to say how grateful I am that we came here. It is good to be here and yes I also realise that I grew up in the west! And yet for me it is like a bath of warmth and peace. I cant explain why. I recently heard it has something to do with my spirit with which I am united again. That sounds very esoteric, but for many people here, this is the most normal thing of the world. I would describe the feeling as peace and warmth. And to be able to share it with a very dear person realising what makes you feel alive, is the ultimate! I enjoy all of it, if it goes well or if something goes wrong … I enjoy the curiosity, openness and gratitude of the people with whom we work here, the umpteenth time I or Vincent stumble over the uneven pavements – still getting used to not everything is built straight. The rapid breaths when you walk here up and down the streets and the hot daytime sun shining on your face and leaving you in the cold when disappearing by night … What a life!

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