Meanwhile a warm and stormy welcome…

About a week after we sent our letter to the NFPK we got an invitation to explain our objection. Our new chair lady Berith Danse went for us to the explanation meeting. They were little upset about that we state that they were looking from out a western point of view. All that I can say is that we expressed how we felt and we will see what the Fund does with thatto be continued.

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Vincent: At the meantime we were at two family weddings both in different cities, managed to get my visa, find a house and not to forget we toured with Bafopaz, one of our Bolivian partners through three cities you can imagine that for me it felt like a storm took place even before I could put my feet firmly on the Bolivian ground.

Dayna: Going back in time a little … Vincent just landed and already after one a half week we were going on tour with Bafopaz! In my first encounter with Victor the artistic director of Bafopaz, he asked me if I would like to set something for their tour of Cueca de Oro. He gave me the music and within six rehearsals I put together their first contemporary choreography in which I worked with the traditional Cueca and contemporary movement materialIt was a challenge to work with them in the first place because they were used to classical training and repeating their traditional dances. We worked on floor work and release and transformation. We just had one last rehearsal week left for the Cueca Urbana where Vincent could work a little on Improv as well. Victor asked us to dance a contemporary version of the Cueca before the performance started which we decided to improvise. And then we went with a crew of 30 people in the bus! That was really nice. We had a blast – two performances in each city all of them nearly sold out. The public liked the “new” approach to the Cueca…! And touring with Bafopaz a very nice and warm group was a nice experience. Even a 2 month newborn came with us on tour, and of course mom and dad where dancing as well. Being a dancer in Bolivia is quite difficult, because it is not yet normal here to get paid when you perform. Indeed the dancers have to pay their classes, rehearsals and costumes all by themselves. Most of them are working elsewhere or studying. Therefore rehearsal time is precious! Victor is a multi talent, while directing his performance company, he is also teaching dance at the american institute in La Paz, leading his dance school and is working as a production manager at the city of La Paz! Nevertheless he is interested in new development, he wants to renovate and he want to get to the point where he can pay his dancers. There is a long way to go…but we are happy that we met him. He is a special, human, humble and inspiring traditional teacher for his group. Together with his wife Ana he dances, teaches and creates since 2006 under the name of Bafopaz (Ballet Folklórico de La Paz).  


One comment on “Meanwhile a warm and stormy welcome…

  1. wim van den Hurk
    April 26, 2013

    Good to hear that they are upset. How exciting you’re working with Bafopaz!

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