La Feria de la Cultura Dominical – La Paz!

And before we knew we had a couple of new workshop and performance dates! To keep you on track we published an online calendar, which is also connected to this blog. We already finished our first intensive workshop with six traditional dancers and rounded that one up with a small presentation on the Feria del Prado.

A festival, which will take place on each Sunday from the 14th of April until end of October on the Prado  City Centre of La Paz. Dance, music, theatre, street art and visual art will be shown and visitors also can participate, and all this for free. Of course there is food, and you can find books, jewellery, posters, toys and handmade stuff to buy.

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Coming up and going on:

The Museums Night of La Paz in April where we want to extend the Cueca Urbana to an even more contemporary context.

Weekly training lessons for the contemporary dance company Vidanza, and this month also for the “Wayrurus” a project with very talented youth, young dancers with great dreams, which have been trained by Yumi, Tania and Shirley, leaders of contemporary dance company Katak. A grateful and enthusiastic group, that can develop in dance by support of Hivos and the Municipality of La Paz.

The entire month of May we work in Sucre my hometown, with the traditional dance company “Origenes”.


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