…And the official start of “Projecto Movimiento Auténtico!


While still waiting for the next reaction of the NFPK, we started with the project! We even got in contact with the cultural department of the Municipality of La Paz. They offered us studio space for workshops and rehearsals, even if we would like to have a conference, we could use their locations and they would help us with promotion. Great! And then after our performance with Bafopaz in La Paz, we got an invitation of the Congress of Bolivia. An advisor of the congress saw the presentation, which he really enjoyed! He wanted to talk to us and invited us to the congress to meet the senator of culture and education. We told them about the project that we were doing, our vision and mission and also about the rejection but that we were determined to do it anyway. They were not amused about the reasons of rejection and they wanted immediately to write a letter from the Bolivian government saying that they stand behind our project! We were exited and we could not believe that we ended up talking to the senator about a presentation that they would love to have in the congress for senators, ambassadors and even the president would be invited…! They suggested that together with the presentation there would be a translator, who translate everything into Quechua and Aymara the native languages of the Bolivian Andes and there would be held a traditional “Apthapy”. That means sharing food and drinks! Immediately we wrote a proposal about what we were going to present. We want to show fragments of Rituals, the piece we created in 2010 with invited dancers of the Oficial Ballet of Bolivia, which will be re-worked during PMA as well, two traditional dances, the Cueca Urbana with Bafopaz and our duet we made for the book presentation of the Theatre Embassy in Amsterdam. An unique chance to present our vision and mission as artists to Bolivia!. That would be the first time that there would be a dance performance in the Bolivian congress! You can imagine we are looking forward to this opportunity! 


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