The rejection of the NFPK…


And then there was the rejection of the Dutch Fund for the Arts. They express their doubts about the artistic and production qualities of our partners in Bolivia. Another critic was, that Proyecto Movimiento Auténtico only was initiated by Dayna. They didnt consider the fact that we work as a team since 2009 both, on artistic and production level! And to realise such a long – term project you will have to develop it in collaboration with the partners from the country where you are going to work.  Another reason: Bolivia is not a priority country! They also find Dayna is not visible enough in the Dutch dance field. Since 13 years she is dancing, teaching dance in different sectors, leading different projects and realising her artistic work. She has been working hard! And lives independently from her work as an artist since she left the academy! Apparently this doesnt count for them! And the last reason of rejection: Our project will not contribute to the diversity of the Dutch Performing Arts they say! This sounds like we will never produce anymore work, for obviously we will produce, teach, create new work, so to to say our work will not contribute to the Dutch diversity in the performance Art is really like saying we will never work again .? I was quite shocked about their rather “western” rejection.

Dayna: I dont know if you can judge art just because the western society apparently found a definition for it! Anyway you can imagine that we were not pleased about their reasons. We believe that this is a good proposal for a good long – term project, which will cross the boarders of different perceptions of different countries  it already is doing so! And if we would not come back to share this with you, the project will simply miss its goal! At the other side they state that our proposal was good and Movementalist is well known as a good producer!

We also wonder how they can doubt the artistic and production qualities of the Ballet Oficial and the Ministry of culture, the main dance groups in the country as Vidanza, who worked already together with Dutch based artists as Boukje Schweigmann and Kenzo Kusuda? And besides that the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts is about to say that we have no more work to produce on the Dutch stages or teach classes to the next generations of dancers and artists, who will work with our information in a future where we probably have to find new ways of working together, as they tell us it is not contributing to their view of diversity in the performing Arts. To tell everything, concerning the financial cuts in the funding system for the arts in Holland, we asked for a minimal amount of money, just for accommodation, food and travel expenses. We did not ask for production money and not for salaries! Maybe we should have done so, after we read that there was 633.850 for only 20 institutions that asked for subsidy for international projects! Most of you know that Movementalist tries to develop and realise projects with as few resources as possible. We think in this present time it is our duty as an artist to find new ways of re-inventing and possibilities to make art. But even that was not enough for the funds to weight up to their reasons. You can imagine that we were quite furious! Well therefore we wrote an objection letter from nearly 9 pages! We want to rectify the position of non-western cultures in an apparently western vision of art. And that sometimes as a western citizen we judge others just because of we think that we have the well earned right to do so. 

But their decision is not stopping us at all, we even believe more in the project and we will make it happen because we made this decision….. to be continued.


One comment on “The rejection of the NFPK…

  1. Orfee
    April 13, 2013

    Start a donaties campaign ‘crowdfunding’ It will value your work more!

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