The first approach…

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Dayna: And then there I was! And glad that Yumi picked me up, from the airport and took me to her mother’s home. I could not have picked a better place right above her café Etnö in one of the most beautiful and oldest streets of La Paz! Yumi is also a buzzy bee :0) and asked me the next day when I could give the first workshop in her studio “Kinesfera”.

After only one week I was giving the first workshop in La Paz! It was crazy because it was very busy, old friends and new faces, all including me had a great time!  About a week after, I started working with a traditional dance group Bafopaz, which I met during their tour in Amsterdam and we put together a short choreography “La Cueca Urbana”. A first approach between traditional dance and my movement language! We have been touring around with them with great success through Bolivia! Cueca is a dance that has Spanish influences and has a very defined structure in music and dance. Not to mention the handkerchief which men and women use in their dance. It was a new interactive challenge for the traditional dancers …

I was very happy that Vincent finally arrived because we could dance together on the tour with Bafopaz!



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